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Free & Low Cost Student Resources On Demand

The healthcare landscape is constantly evolving and as the IT experts of tomorrow, you'll be tackling many challenges.

HL7 has a vast array of educational tools, training courses and resources that provide the knowledge you'll need to address these challenges and improve the security and accessibility of patient health data around the world.

We're pleased to share our Virtual Student Academy (VSA), offering free and reduced-cost, on-demand modules that serve as the perfect start to your health IT educational journey.

VSA Modules - Spring 2024

Pathfinders: Women's Experiences in Global Healthcare Standards & Tech Sector

This recorded webinar features a panel of global health leaders discussing their career path, experiences and suggestions. Originally delivered in honor of International Women's Day, 2024.

[Estimated time required: 60 minutes]

One Health & HL7 FHIR | Panel Discussion Webinar

One Health is “an integrated, unifying approach that aims to sustainably balance and optimize the health of people, animals and ecosystems."

It requires innovative new collaboration across sectors and disciplines worldwide. HL7 standards such as FHIR® are also embedded in this landscape and making a real difference.

Tune in to hear leading perspectives and breaking information about the One Health concept, how it is being implemented on different continents and the current One Health HL7 footprint.

Experts will highlight One Health aspects such as:

  • Public health use
  • Data and integration requirements
  • Global and regional institutions leading the way

[Estimated time required: 60 minutes]

VSA Modules - Fall 2023

Understanding the HL7 International Organization – An Orientation to Working Group Meetings, Process and Governance

This webinar will provide an overview of HL7 International from the working group meeting, governance structure to the work groups.

Attendees will learn how HL7 International is structured, the subject matter areas that the standards cover, and how the individual groups approach their work.

[Estimated time required: 60 minutes]

The Future of Interoperability Now

A series of 10 one-hour webinars designed for academic students and staff interested in learning about the FHIR standard and its role in enabling interoperability across the healthcare enterprise. 

Presented by members of the HL7 Leadership team, this course covers a wide range of topics including The FHIR Toolbox: SMART-on-FHIR, CDS Hooks, CQL, and Bulk Data on FHIR, Public Health and FHIR, and Clinician + Patient Empowerment with FHIR

Note - Students should enter the promo code Full Time Student to receive discounted access.

[Estimated time required: 10 Hours]

How to get HL7 Certified and Why

HL7 offers certification and proficiency testing to assess the knowledge and proficiency of its most frequently used health information technology (HIT) standards.

Viewers will get a thorough overview of the certificate exams offered, the purpose of the exams and the process for taking them.

[Estimated time required: 60 minutes]

VSA Modules - Spring 2023

Playing with FHIR! A Conversation with Dr. Charles Jaffe & Diego Kaminker

HL7 CEO Dr. Charles Jaffe and Deputy Standards Chief Implementation Officer Diego Kaminker recently sat down for an interview with Matthew Albright, Chief Legislative Affairs Officer at Zelis, and Communications Chair for The Collective Voice of Health IT, a Wedi Podcast.

Listen as Matthew asks the two about FHIR's history, its multiple accelerators and how the standard is looking to be the key to unlocking data exchange for healthcare throughout the world.

[Estimated time required: 45 minutes]

FHIR 101 for Policy

Viet Nguyen, MD leads this webinar that will provide an introduction to FHIR and its benefits, as well as explore its potential impact on healthcare policy.

The session includes an overview of FHIR's structure and functionality, as well as its role in supporting interoperability, data sharing, and patient care. You will also examine the current state of FHIR implementation in the healthcare industry, including the challenges and opportunities presented by its adoption.

[Estimated time required: 60 minutes]


ABDM, The Largest Digital Health Initiative

The Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) aims to develop the backbone necessary to support the integrated digital health infrastructure of India. In this talk, Kumar Satyam introduces ABDM, its core building blocks, federated health record architecture, use of FHIR and an implementer's perspective.

The goal of the ABDM is to create a national digital health ecosystem that supports universal health coverage in an efficient, accessible, inclusive, affordable, timely and safe manner, and that provides a wide-range of data, information and infrastructure services impacting nearly 1.3 billion people or 1/6 of humanity.

[Estimated time required: 60 minutes]

VSA Modules - Winter 2023

New Member Welcome & Orientation with HL7 Executives

Join members of the HL7 Leadership team as they provide an in-depth overview of the organization and governance, the HL7 standards, the FHIR Accelerator Program, and how you as a future leader in the healthcare IT space can get involved.

[Estimated time required: 55 minutes]

FHIR 101

Viet Nguyen, MD - Chief Standards Implementation Officer leads this informative session demonstrating the real-world path to adoption and practical applications for FHIR standards. 

[Estimated time required: 60 minutes]

HL7 Case Study Library

A library of case studies, ebooks, white papers, and podcasts illustrating how HIT professionals are using HL7 standards to improve healthcare.


VSA Modules - Fall 2022

Orientation Station

Start here for an informative introduction to HL7. You'll find an overview of the organization and a chance to explore all of the tools and resources available to support your educational efforts.

[Estimated time required: 35 minutes]

Careers in Informatics

Gain an understanding of the variety of career paths for those interested in informatics and healthcare IT. Listen in as this group of healthcare leaders talk about their individual journeys as they built their careers in informatics and standards.

[Estimated time required: 60 minutes]


HL7 FHIR & the Future of Global Health

This panel discussion led by Tricia Gerber, Senior Global Policy Advisor for HL7 provides significant insights into the innovations and challenges that the global health community will experience in the future.

[Estimated time required: 60 minutes]

Featured Resources
Session Recordings

Global Spotlight: Marching Forward on Interoperability and Standards for Better Health

Listen to the unique perspectives from a panel of prominent experts from HL7, digital health leaders, and continent-wide innovators, all of whom are at the forefront of driving positive change in the healthcare ecosystem.

Click Here to Watch the Recording

37th Annual Plenary | Session Recording

Join us as experts address "AI in Healthcare: Opportunities & Challenges".  Hear about the latest developments, discussions, and insights providing viewers a deep dive into the world of healthcare interoperability.

(Note new viewers will need to register for a free account to watch the recording. Click Sign Up in the upper right hand corner to create your account.)

Click Here to Watch the Recording  

Case Studies

HL7 FHIR Synthetic Data Event | Final Report

Dive into an overview of a summit that convened the academic, standards and vendor communities for an interactive dialog about creating and using openly accessible synthetic FHIR data for education, standards development, and testing.

State of HL7 FHIR Survey Results

Explore the results of the survey to better understand the widespread adoption and depth of FHIR usage around the world.


Diego Kaminker, Deputy Chief Standards Implementation Officer for HL7, suggests starting with reading the HL7 FHIR specifications, then engaging in community discussions on, considering HL7's FHIR Fundamentals course, exploring detailed educational content on FHIR, practicing with FHIR, and utilizing the community on for questions and support.

Dr. Chuck Jaffe, CEO of HL7, highlights the transformative impact of FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) over the last decade, emphasizing its ease of implementation and significant progress in information exchange across global healthcare industries, especially in patient access, reducing clinical burden, and improving care delivery.

James Agnew, CTO of Smile Digital Health, recommends newcomers to FHIR to explore the vibrant open source community surrounding the FHIR standard, highlighting the availability of open source tools, implementation guide tool sets, and libraries for various programming languages, making it an excellent starting point for developers.

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